Updated: 09-01-2016
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Procedure and conditions of booking/reservation

(following referred as booking)

Please inquire in given case with a non-binding request on the availability of your desired number of rooms, before sending a definite booking !

  1. To book/reserve binding, please send us the following information, but at least the required information, without exception completely:
    • Number of rooms and type, and also desired food variant (possibly number of persons, if necessary recorded in children's age!).
    • Arrival and departure date, and sometimes your arrival time (see below point arrival and departure).
    • Name, address, e-mail address and, if necessary Phone-/Mobile-No. for short-term information or request.
    • Declaration of intent on these terms, which are part of the booking contract.
  2. After receipt of your booking you receive as soon as possible/immediately a booking confirmation or a reply.
    Basically our booking confirmation, in actually form according to your desire, have been tacitly accepted, if no/no differently notice from you is present to us.
    If due to changes one or more booking confirmation/s should have been sent again, the/all previous will lost/loses its/their validity.
  3. We provide information about travel opportunities as well as detailed descriptions at Arrival.
Terms of payment

We accept payment at arrival or departure in cash as well as bank transfer in advance to the account, specified by us, with credit note until the arrival day - direct payment with credit card/s is not available !
For companies whose employees stay with us we offer payment by invoice, unless to arrival an assumption of the costs - preferably by fax (for number look footer) or by email to (our German mail account, but quite in English!) mail[at]hotel-gottorferhof.de - is present.
If the modes of payment are not kept, we reserve ourselves the right to use or rent the accommodation otherwise.


Should the lease to be canceled for reasons, which at the booking time were not forseeable, by one of the parties, both parties have to seeking solutions, which consider the mutual interests fair and balanced - however, this does not affect remains the right to withdraw/revoke.
Basically cancellations by guests gladly requested seven (7) days before arrival, but they are required not later than the arrival day until 17:00 clock !
All cancellations remain free as long as they comply with the previous conditions - Otherwise we charge a fixed usage fee as compensation, because the ordered room/s can not be rented. In advance transferred payments will be refunded less transaction fees back.

We recommend, e.g. with ELVIA, the conclusion of a travel resignation insurance.

Arrival and Departure or moving in and out

With us you can arrive or leave at each weekday to the opening times of our reception - by default the check-in should starting from 01:00 p.m. and check-out time to 11:00 a.m. !
If an arrive outside these times should be required, we ask for a note in the booking form (field: Note/s) or an information by phone (see number at footer) - please, speak with our reception for later check-out/departure !
In so-called "flying change", as it often straight usual in summer season, the purchase of the rooms is also starting from 01:00 p.m. resp. then the check-out should be done to 11:00 a.m.

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